The mission of FSK Boxing is very simple: revive the glamour of boxing and  bring good fights to an audience that is interested in both, boxing and popculture.

Boxing wasn’t always a sport for men around 50 with a bear belly and an overly opinionated group of friends. Once upon a time, boxing was for everybody and was full of glitz and glamour. A time in which an actress beauty like Marlene Dietrich was training herself. Or a poet like Earnest Hemingway was trying to catch its essence in words. A time in which heavyweight world champions were the most popular men in the world and were married to real movie stars.

Like boxing in the 30s, FSK Boxing presents the beauty, ruthlessness and poetry of boxing to a public that would normally never go to such an event: the party and cultural public.

Presenting a program that links music, alternative culture and sport together is the very essence of the events we create. In order to do so, we involve media partners (music stations/channels + magazines) and put together a group of sponsors; we then choose a typical party location and build a ring inside it; we call a well-known personality in film or music to host the event and change the classic ring card girls with funny and sexy burlesque girls. Finally we organize 5 fights between boxers well known in the neighbourhood and our success recipe is ready. The result: a fully booked club and the creation of a cult event.

We organized our first event in March 2010 in Berlin Kreuzberg, the Turkish and alternative neighbourhood. Festsaal Kreuezberg, our club, was with 600 people fully booked. At the door small riots were going all night long among the 250 people who couldn’t get in. Inside the atmosphere was hot, concentrated and excited at the same time. At the end of the night a couple of heroes were borne while all over town people would be talking about the event for months to come.

Strong from this experience, FSK Boxing decided to make a series of events in Berlin, Germany and Europe. At last boxing is getting back to its roots: extravagance, truth and boldness.

Björn von Swieykowski is a club owner, Elisa Mishto is a film writer and director. They met in 2009 and since then never stop obsessively talking about boxing. They are both active boxers.

All photos © Fabian Schellhorn