R.I.P Joe Frazier

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One of the best fighter of all time with an unorthodox and courageous style. Sadly, most of the time he’s remembered only as the opponent of Ali. But at the peak of his time, he was not second to anybody. Nobody has ever entered a ring with so much balls and blind rage.
A good article about him here, and a great documentary about him here.

One shot for the hand, one shot for the heart.

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In January 2011 Rola El-Halabi fired her manager and stepfather Roy El-Halabi. Last friday night, just few minutes before her most important fight, he went in her dressing room and shot her once in the hand, once in the knee and once in the foot. To be sure she won’t fight ever again. He then threatened to shot himself. To be sure not to feel guilty ever again. More info Here.

Joyce Carol Oates

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“Boxing is a celebration of the lost religion of masculinity all the more trenchant for its being lost.”


IBO Women Lightweight Title Fight in Berlin

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MARIE RIEDERER (GERMANY) VS. ZELDA TEKIN (BELGIUM), this saturday in the Landkostarena, Bestensee. With my favorite boxing family at its best: The Montellas.

Hollywood won’t help

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A good article about boxing’s current suicide attempt. Read here.